Monday, 28 April 2008

To Good To Be True?

Paralyzed man back on his feet after embryonic stem cell therapy Monday, 28 April 2008 The Grand Junction Sentinel in Colorado today report about a man receiving embryonic stem cell treatment in India, after a spinal cord accident several years ago. In December, he went to Dr. Geeta Shroff’s clinic at the Nu Tech Mediworld medical center in New Delhi. She is originally an infertility expert, that say’s she have developed the embryonic stem cell therapy offered there. For the next two months, Rusty Leech received stem cell therapy in several ways: twice-daily injections into his upper arms, three weeks of intravenous stem cell fluids, and five large injections near his spinal cord at the point of his initial injury — the thoracic 10 vertebrae. The treatment also included intense and daily physical therapy designed to help rebuild the muscles that atrophied during the many years of paralysis. He was never told how many stem cells he received, and he doesn’t know exactly how and why Shroff’s treatments work. Shroff’s treatment has been much criticised and questioned, because she has never publicized any details of her procedures. The reason for this, she maintain, is that she is seeking a patent for her therapy in many countries across the globe, including the United States. Is this a miracle cure, or is the improvements seen by Rusty coming from the intense physical therapy only? No-one can really say, before detailed scrutiny of the procedure is disclosed. That this happens, not only at this clinic in New Delhi but at several other locations around the world, is very unfortunate for the medical world, and especially for all suffering patients waiting for some new procedures to alleviate their sufferings. All scientists and medical researchers should, as soon as possible, describe their results in detail, so that the effectiveness can be assessed by others too. It is not moral to wait for patents or any other monetary benefits. Read more at: 'Unbelievable': Paralyzed man back on his feet after embryonic stem cell therapy Grand Junction Sentinel, CO, Monday, April 28, 2008 Watch a Video of Rusty. ......... ZenMaster

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