Thursday, 26 April 2007

EU lawmakers back rules for stem cells

EU lawmakers back rules for stem cells and other cures Reuters - Wed Apr 25, 2007 European lawmakers backed new rules for stem cell and other advanced medical therapies on Wednesday, despite opposition from a key member of the European Parliament.The European Union legislature rejected so-called ethical amendments to the regulation that will create a centralized process for approving new tissue and cell engineering therapies. ................. Some background: Embryo-cell vote spotlights MEPs' ethics EU parliament set for clash over stem cell research MEP defends stance on EU gene therapy rule ................. ZenMaster

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Friday, 20 April 2007

Gene plays key role in embryonic, adult stem cells

Gene plays key role in embryonic, adult stem cells Reuters - Thu Apr 19, 2007 One gene directs both embryonic and adult stem cells to perform the self-renewal function that is crucial in their potential broad use in medical treatments, researchers said on Thursday. While the biology of these types of stem cells is very different, a study published in the journal Cell showed that they share at least this one key feature - a gene called Zfx that controls their ability to self-renew." ............ ZenMaster

Friday, 13 April 2007

Rhesus Monkey Genome Sequenced

Rhesus Monkey Genome Sequenced. The macaque genome is the third primate genome to be completed after human and chimpanzee. In conjuction with the publication of the genome sequence of the rhesus macaque in the 13 April edition of Science, we have created a special online collection. It includes an interactive poster with images, video and text, and a corresponding lesson plan for use in high school classrooms, which delves into evolutionary biology and what can be learned from the genome of the macaque -- one of biology’s most important model organisms. Access to the online extras, as well as to the genome papers themselves, is free to all visitors to Please share this information with anyone who might find it useful. Go to the special online collection for the macaque genome. ..................... ZenMaster

Monday, 9 April 2007

US Senate Prepares to Challenge Bush on Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Vote Set for US Senate This Week Monday, 09 April 2007 The US Senate is planning a fresh policy challenge to President Bush this week, this time on a popular domestic issue. On Tuesday, the Senate will begin debate on legislation that would allow federal funding of expanded embryonic stem cell research. Bush vetoed a similar bill last year, and he has vowed to nullify the current version as well. ZenMaster

Friday, 6 April 2007

Britain urged not to ban hybrid embryo research

Britain urged not to ban hybrid embryo research Reuters - Wed Apr 4, 7:03 PM ET Scientists and lawmakers urged Britain on Thursday to scrap a proposed ban on creating hybrid animal-human embryos for research into illnesses such as Parkinson's, stroke and Alzheimer's. In December, the British government proposed a ban on the creation of hybrid embryos due to what it called "considerable public unease," but the Commons Science and Technology Committee said a ban was unacceptable and could harm British science. ......... ZenMaster

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Stem cell patent might go

3 Patents on Stem Cells Are Revoked in Initial Review New York Times, NY - 20070403 The United States Patent and Trademark Office has made a preliminary decision to revoke three fundamental patents on human embryonic stem cells. If the decision stands, some scientists and consumer groups say it could loosen restrictions on research in a promising new field. ........... ZenMaster

James Watson's DNA sequenced

"James Watson's DNA Secrets Revealed ... or Not" Monday, April 02, 2007 The codiscoverer of the double helix has had his whole genome sequenced, and he realizes that he may not want to reveal all after all. ZenMaster