Sunday, 22 July 2007

Does a clone have a ‘soul’?

Does a clone have a ‘soul’? July 22, 2007 Sometimes people ask if a cloned human being would have a ‘soul’. If we as humans would go about to clone another human being, we don’t need to ‘give’ or create a ‘soul’ for that cloned individual. What you call a ‘soul’, is only the manifestation of the chemical reactions taking place in and between our brain cells (and possibly in some other cells in the body too). For this to happen there is no need for a God or any God or other ‘higher powers’ of the universe, for that matter. It works by itself. Therefore, a cloned individual will have as much ‘soul’ as you or me, or anybody else have. We are only what we make ourselves to. ......... ZenMaster

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