Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What's wrong with cloning humans?

Panayiotis Zavos again claims he has cloned human embryos Wednesday, 22 April 2009 A maverick fertility doctor, Dr. Panayiotis Zavos, claims he has cloned human embryos and implanted them into women. It is not the first time he does this. See also: Fertility expert: 'I can clone a human being' The Independent - Wednesday, 22 April 2009 What's wrong with cloning humans? The Guardian - Wednesday, 22 April 2009 See previous articles on human cloning on CellNEWS: Therapeutic Cloning Gets a Boost with New Research Findings China Restrict Clinical Tests of Stem Cells Obtained by Therapeutic Cloning Chinese Researchers Make Cloned Human Blastocysts UN-GA Ban on All Human Cloning to be Reconsidered Hybrid Embryos Created in Newcastle Human Cloning Achieved Dolly Professor Abandons Human Cloning Attempts UN Analysis on Human Cloning Human Therapeutic Cloning at a Standstill Was Hwang’s Stem Cells Parthenogenetic? Seoul National University Report on Dr. Hwang Woo Suk’s Cloning Work Hwang's Stem Cell Cloning Fabricated Hwang's Team: Step Towards Therapeutic Cloning Antinori Say’s Three Cloned Babies Born Zavos Cloning Attempt Has Failed Zavos: Implant of Cloned Human Embryo Can Human Cloning be Made Safe? Antinori’s Cloning Consortium: II. Repeated Cloning Claim Dr. Panos Zavos: No implant of cloned human embryo’s yet 'A Clone Would Be Uglier, Sicker and Dimmer' Dr. Panos Zavos: Ready to Implant Human Clone Clonaid Says It Will Offer Proof of Cloned Babies Antinori’s Cloning Consortium: I. The Scientific connections The Cloning Circus Continues Dr. Panos Zavos: Where is the proof of a "baby"? Dr. Panos Zavos Question Clone Claim The Race Is On: First Cloned Baby 'EVE' Is Born ......... ZenMaster

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